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This product is compatible with (for example):

Variovac Circuit board Power Control 230 Volt
for model C120, C140, C160, C180, P120, P140, P160, P180, P200, P240, P280, Q15, Q18, Q20, Q24
99,95 EUR
99,95 EUR per Pc.
Variovac Cable feedthrough 24 volt
1,99 EUR
1,99 EUR per Pc.
By-pass Motor, Tangential 3-stage, 1800 Watt
230V, 50/60 Hz, carbon brushes self-deactivating
for models C160, C180, P160, P180, P180VIP, P280, Q18, Q18VIP

Self stick motor seal must ordered separate.
159,95 EUR
159,95 EUR per Pc.
Variovac Self stick motor seal 140 x 100 x 5 mm
1 pc. for model C140, P140, P140VIP, P240, P240VIP, Q24, Q24VIP
2 pc. for model C160, C180, P160, P180, P180VIP, Q15, Q18, Q18VIP, Q20,Q20VIP
1,99 EUR
1,99 EUR per Pc.
Variovac carbon brush
Fits up to year 12/2019
Variovac Carbon Brushes - C160, C180, P160, P180, P180VIP,Q15, Q15VIP, Q18, Q18VIP, P280, RF1800, Selfio180, Optima180, Xtrafresh180, Concept180

Fits from year 01/2020
Variovac carbon brushes on 2 motor models - upper motor - Q20, Q20VIP, Q24, Q24VIP, Q28, Q28VIP

2 carbon brushes are required per motor.
20,99 EUR
20,99 EUR per Pc.
Variovac seal for small plastic dirt container
for Modell C120, C140, C160, C180, P120, P140, P140VIP, P160, P180, RF1800, P180VIP, Q15, Q18, Q18VIP
9,90 EUR
9,90 EUR per Pc.

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Flexin Designinlet white (Retraflex)
Wall flap for Flexin hose retraction system.
​Is mounted in the Flexin mounting frame.
External dimensions of the wall flap: width 141 mm x height 210 mm
39,00 EUR
39,00 EUR per Pc.
Flexin Standard hose 12m
149,00 EUR
149,00 EUR per Pc.
Mopping cloth for mopping nozzle
Use only for dry cleaning. Mopping cloth washable.
8,90 EUR
8,90 EUR per Pc.
Variovac Wallyflex black
69,95 EUR
69,95 EUR per Pc.