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Variovac carbon brush
The Variovac carbon brushes are wear parts of the motors.

Fits from year 01/2020
Variovac carbon brushes on 2 motor models - lower engine - Q20, Q20VIP, Q24, Q24VIP, Q28, Q28VIP, P260

2 carbon brushes are required per motor.

As a rule, the carbon brushes should be completely replaced every 4-6 years.
20,99 EUR
20,99 EUR per Pc.
Variovac central vacuum cleaner Wirelesskit
For Model P120, P140, P140VIP, P160, P180, P180VIP, P200, P200VIP, P240, P240VIP, P260, P280, Q15, Q18, Q20, Q20VIP, Q24, Q24VIP
399,95 EUR
Variovac cover for remote control hose, white
9,90 EUR
9,90 EUR per Pc.
Crevice 60 cm extra long, Ø 32 mm
14,99 EUR
14,99 EUR per Pc.
Variovac Remote control hose 9 m without handl
97,00 EUR
97,00 EUR per Pc.